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Mark Amerika is the author of two novels, The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood (both published by FC2/Black Ice), and GRAMMATRON.

Holly Anderson is the author of Lily Lou (Purgatory Pie Press). Her plays have been produced Off-Broadway.

William Anthony's work has been collected in two books: Bible Stories (Jargon Society) and Bill Anthony's Greatest Hits (Jargon Society).

Michael Aushenker writes and illustrates the comic book Bound & Gagged (Caliber Press/Iconographix).

Mark Beam has exhibited in many museums and galleries, and has learned to enjoy making objects bigger than himself.

Melle lives in LA.

Bruce Benderson is the author of the story collection Pretending to Say No (Plume). He has published in Between C & D and Men on Men 3, and is working on a novel, User.

Hakim Bey is the author of Chaos: The Broadsheets Of Ontological Anarchism (Grim Reaper Press) and T.A.Z (Autonomedia), which have led thoughtless youth to commit acts of "Poetic Terrorism."

Bob Black, a lapsed lawyer, is a neologian, misanthropologist and translexual, and is the author of Rants (Amok), The Abolition of Work and Other Essays (Loompanics), Friendly Fire (Autonomedia), and others.

Max Blagg's most recent publication is Licking the Fun Up (Aloes/London). A book of stories, Spit, is forthcoming.

Ben Borkow died in 1989. "Lest We Forget" is excerpted from a longer work.

Anne Bray directs L.A. Freewaves, the festival of independent video.

Clayton Brooks is a former thief, junkie, dealer, and professional gambler, with five plays produced in NYC.

Suzy Brown is a painter and writer whose tangents have taken her into screenwriting, performance art, video production, and fetishistic pieces.

Michael Callaghan's work appears regularly in Snicker, a St. Louis humor newspaper.

Michael Carter is the editor of Redtape.

Arthur C. Clarke is the author of more than fifty-five non-fiction books and novels, and was nominated for an Academy Award for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Molly Cleator acts in film and TV.

Janet Coleman is the author of The Compass: The Improvisational Theatre that Revolutionized American Comedy (U. Chicago), and (with Al Young) Mingus/Mingus:Two Memoirs (CabCo).

Wanda Coleman is the author of African Sleeping Sickness and Hand Dance, published by Black Sparrow Press. Her spoken word can be heard on High Priestess of Word and Beserk on Hollywood Boulevard (New Alliance Records).

Shane Cooper can be reached at www.shanecooper.com.

Jim Cory lives in Philadelphia.

Connie Deanovich won a G.E. Award for Younger Writers in 1990, and is the author of Ballerina Criminology (Pink Dog Press). Her work appears in Under 35: The New Generation of American Poets (Anchor/Doubleday).

Marcel De Jure hides in his attic, dreaming.

Denise Duhamel is the author of Smile! (Warm Spring Press), a book of poems. Her work appears in Mondo Barbie (St. Martin's).

Mark Ehrman is a journalist in L.A.

Janice Eidus is the author of Faithful Rebecca (Fiction Collective), a novel, and Vito Loves Geraldine (City Lights), a collection of stories. A new novel, Urban Bliss, is forthcoming.

Maggie Estep has published in Bomb, Exquisite Corpse, and The Village Voice, and fronts the band, I Love Everybody.

Jim Feast lives in NYC.

Ed Friedman's books include Human's Work (Helpful Books) and The New York Hat Line (with Robert Kushner). He is Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.

John Fitzgerald Gannon is thirty pounds overweight and a photographer/cameraman. He is working on the world's largest swimming pool, in Needles, CA, and is desperately in need of water.

Frederic Lyon Glover received a 1992 Artists Fellowship for Playwriting/Screenwriting from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Killing Jazz was produced by NYC's Independent Theater Co. in 1992.

Mike Golden's The Last Man to Go is excerpted from a longer interview.

S. A. Griffin likes dark beer, reefer, friends, and the company of women.

Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead appears in over two hundred newspapers worldwide, and in twelve paperback collections.

Jon Hammer and Karen McBurnie are literary and artistic hired guns. Though their teenage fanzine days are long gone, they still proudly dye their hair funny colors, snarl "Destroy" at passersby, and remain virtually unemployable.

Nancy Harris has appeared in the shows Runnin' Barefoot, A Concert of Words, and, with Wendy Webb, Words & Music.

Emilie Harvey lives in LA.

Bob Holman hosts the Friday Night Slams at NYC's Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and was featured at the 1992 Chicago Poetry Video Festival.

A. M. Homes is the author of Jack (Vintage), The Safety of Objects (Vintage), and In a Country of Mothers (Knopf).

V. Hoop lives in Virginia.

Jennifer Joseph lives in San Francisco, where she runs the Paradise Lounge poetry readings and is editor/publisher of Manic D Press.

Brian Kane lives in the United States of America.

Steven Kane is a different Steven Kane than the one you think he is.

Ron Koertge teaches at Pasadena City College. A 1990 NEA Fellow in Poetry, he is the author of an award-winning series of young adult novels.

Ron Kolm is the author of four chapbooks, including The Plastic Factory (Red Dust) and Welcome to the Barbecue (Low-Tech Press).

Jim Krusoe edits The Santa Monica Review. His most recent book is Hotel de Dream (Illuminati).

Lyn Lifshin edited Tangled Vines: A Collection of Mother and Daughter Poems (Harvest/HBJ).

Gerald Locklin is the author of The Firebird Poems (Event Horizon), and co-edited The New Geography of Poets (U. Arkansas).

Victoria Looseleaf is a broadcast, print, and electronic journalist. Among the publications and outlets she writes for are the "Los Angeles Times", "La Opinion", and America Online. Her latest book is "Leonardo: Up Close and Personal", a biography of megastar Leonardo DiCaprio, who made his first televised talk show appearance on Looseleaf's program, "The Looseleaf Report". Visit the author at her web site, www.looseleafreport.com.

Daniel P. Mannix is the author of Freaks: We Who are Not as Others (RE/Search), The History of Torture (Dell), and others. "The Half-and-Half" is an unpublished chapter from his Memoirs of a Sword Swallower (Brainiac).

Harry Mathews's many novels include Cigarettes (Collier). He has also written a collection of criticism, Immeasurable Distances (Lapis Press), and a poetry anthology, A Mid-Season Sky (Carcanet).

Ed McGowin makes paintings and sculpture in the narrative tradition of the literature of the deep South. Permanent collections include the Guggenheim, Whitney, and Hirshhorn Museums.

Richard Meltzer is not very tall.

Ursule Molinaro is the author of four short fiction collections, over one hundred stories, and eleven novels, most recently Fat Skeletons (Serif).

Mark Mothersbaugh was a founding member of the band, Devo, and is a swell guy.

Michael Oatman lives in upstate New York.

Michael O'Donoghue, Ken Finkleman and Bruce Wagner quit writing to go into satellite dish repair. Their company is called "Dish Jockeys," and any reader mentioning they read it here gets a ten percent discount.

Jose Padua lives in NYC.

Bart Plantenga is the author of Paris Scratch (Black & White Books), and DJ of "Wreck This Mess" on WFMU-FM in NYC.

Daniel Quinn's novel, Ishmael (Bantam), won the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship in 1991. He lives in Austin, TX.

Michael Randall is the author of several chapbooks, including Twenty Years of Drinking (P.O.N. Press).

Kevin Riordan: Wage slave and bon vivant. Renegade publisher and graphic menace.

Kit Roane is a journalist in LA.

Ann Rower is the author of the story collection If You're a Girl (Semiotext[e]). She collaborated with The Wooster Group on LSD (Road to Immortality Pt. II) , and is writing a biography of her uncle, songwriter Leo Robin.

Thaddeus Rutkowski has published in The Laurel Review, Artful Dodge, and Chiron Review.

Nicole Sampogna lives in L.A.

David Sandlin is the author/artist of Land of 1000 Beers.

Carole Starr Schein works and exhibits in the U.S. and South America.

Shawn Schepps' One Giant Step is excerpted from her novel of the same name.

Edwin Schlossberg is principal designer of Edwin Schlossberg, Inc., a multi-disciplinary design firm. He has published numerous books and exhibited in many museums and galleries.

Lewis Shiner is the author of Slam (Doubleday), The Hacker Files (DC Comics), and Glimpses (Morrow).

Matt Silverstein practices body based therapy. He is also a performance artist, writer, director, and teacher.

Hal Sirowitz is the author of Bedroom Wall (Iniquity Press), and Fishnet Stockings (Appearances).

Michael Stephens has published twelve books, most recently Jigs and Reels (Hanging Loose).

John Robert Tebbel is a journalist who specializes in popular culture. He is writing a history of censorship in the comic book industry.

Lynne Tillman is the author of three novels, including Cast in Doubt (Poseidon), and two story collections, most recently The Madame Realism Complex (Semiotext[e]).

Mike Topp is an aristocratic rebel whose high-spirited life has captured the imagination of Europe. He attended Harrow and Cambridge, where he was a good student and a great athlete. A deformed foot has only increased his determination to excel.

Jason Trask teaches English on Rikers Island. He has published in Fiction.

David Trinidad's most recent book is Hand Over Heart: Poems 1981-1988 (Amethyst).

David L. Ulin is co-editor of Instant Classics, and the author of Cape Cod Blues (Red Dust), a book of poems.

Richard I. Ulin lives in NYC.

Christopher Upham lives in San Francisco.

Carolyn Wendt lives in L.A.

Daniel Wheeler wears size nine shoes.

Steve Wingate has been a failure at everything he's done, but occasionally redeems himself by failing brilliantly.

Peter Wortsman is the author of A Modern Way To Die (Fromm International). He has translated Robert Musil's Posthumous Papers Of A Living Author (Eridanos), among others.

Barry Yourgrau is the author of A Man Jumps Out of an Airplane (Clarkson Potter), and Wearing Dad's Head (Peregrine Smith).

Tom Zummer studied philosophy under Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, and is an artist and curator.

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