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ProForm #737

by Daniel Quinn




1. Won't you sit down?

2. Are you feeling nervous?

3. Would you rather come back another time?

4. Do you feel ashamed to be here?

5. Are you afraid to learn the truth about yourself?

6. Were you referred to me by a friend?

7. Do you understand my charges?

8. Won't you move your chair a little closer?

9. Is my voice familiar to you?

10.Does it remind you of someone?

11.Do you hope that I am of your sex?

12.Please explain in the space below.




13.Won't you take my hand?

14.Have you been dreaming of your mother?

15.Do these dreams worry you?

16.What sex are you?

17.Is it important to you to be that sex?

18.Did that strike you as an odd question?

19.Please explain in the space below.




20.Do you wish that I would embrace you?

21.Which of your parents scarred you most deeply?

22.Do you understand my charges?

23.Are you determined to change your life?

24.Do I frighten you?

25.What do you find most frightening about me?

26.Will you use a credit card?

27.Can you describe your earliest memory?

28.Do you keep a journal?

29.Won't you take me in your arms?

30.Please explain in the space below.

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