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living with one's choices

i finalized a big move today:
i called the cable company and
added the Z-Plus channel and
dropped the movie channel and the bravo
channel. the only good thing left on
the movie channel had been joe don briggs'
exalting of mammaries and undercutting of
the channel's low-bid flicks. as for the
bravo channel, five years ago it was
a revelation, but how many times can you
watch chloe in the afternoon.
the kid on the other end of the line
assured me my monthly bill would remain
exactly the same. i asked him how long
it would take to effect the change. he
laughed: "about three minutes." and
sure enough in five minutes fernando was
on the mound opening the season for the dodgers.
now there's so much sports on the Z-Plus channel
(as opposed to the z-channel, which used to
be all movies) that i'm not even going
to charge my wife for half the monthly fee
of that particular addition.
tonight, though, even with the watchable
little drummer girl on Z-Plus,
something doesn't seem quite right.
i get static where bravo used to be.
the movie channel is scrambled.
this is all going to take my nervous system
a little getting used to.
but i'm pretty sure i made
the right decision for the long run.

- Gerald Locklin

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