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hopkins re:mix (signed: Mark Amerika)

Copied, pasted media is complete. Areas of synthetic ancient forgotten catalytic converter or itself. But only alienated -- old ancient forgotten word flesh against time and space barriers which gets me to this smeckworked. This zone. Copied. And killing (false event horizons?). Forget metaphors. Forget jam hip. Forget cool. Copied and ripped-off. Mapped (where's life?). Because selling and killing is not a result of nothing. More things in cyberspace, doing in cyberspace, "personal interface as smeckworked things." Learning to treat body/soul interface as "smeckworked things." Here. Photometry. Grammetics. And new fly technology begins/continues nothing after awhile. Forget hip. Be language. Stop writing.

It is possible to consider noise, and for all things to be distorted. Convolution with questionable concepts creates "smeckworked things"? Maybe the word, but no mediated root in fertilization-zone. It is possible to consider needing to write here. Grammetics. And cyberspace a greater field of ripped-off "smeckworked things." Forget hip. Forget cool. Be ripped-off (life?). No time-slot because people are artifacts, noise, and consider all things to be simple. Jammed into relevant organic categories. That's organic, me: a time-slot filler, no more root. One more word that creates sampling artifacts, morphing noise, form and metaphor into relevant organic "smeckworked things." While genetic receptors are mapped or mediated with discontinuities and reason to consider all things to be of simple complexity.

Complexity is a result of old ancient forgotten reason and fingernails (oh, sex for entertainment: no crux time and space barriers: all cultural production ancient forgotten word interface: complexity is a result in this zone).

Jacks into the meat.

Ripped-off email.

- Mark Amerika

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